The diet of independence and sharing

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I have a friend who constantly reminds me about how important the small changes are to overall health.
Taking a flight of stairs instead of using the escalators. For instance.

Yesterday my kids were not home so I brought the groceries in alone. For a moment, I felt resentful about not having help.

Then, I said a prayer of thanks. “Thank you that I have the arms and the health to bring the groceries in and put them away.”

I started thinking about how sometimes, someone’s refusal to help is their unintended way of helping.

Someone’s selfishness is our gift of staying lean.

If you want to grow muscles and lose weight, be independent and generous. The more you can do for yourself and the less you hoard everything for you—the more fit you’ll be.

I learned this principle after the adoption of three orphaned relatives. In most cases, when there are more people in the home, there are more needs and demands. As a member of the household, you can either clamor for your place and your piece of the pie, or you can learn to be independent and give away what would have normally been yours.

In my case, I learned to be less emotionally dependent. I learned to take care of myself and spent time making myself stronger by committing to a fitness regimen. I literally ate less and served more.

During those moments you find yourself feeling resentful for having to do it all alone…those times when you are tired of sharing what you have—remember that independence and giving are two of the main tenants of good health. Those small sacrifices over the years help you to keep off the extra pounds and maintain muscle tone.

Happy dieting!


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