When facing your fears is not enough


We’ve all heard the phrase “Face your fears.”

But what does that really mean?

We must do more than stand there looking our fear in the eyes.

We must step into the portal of fear, until we break through to the other side.

Fear cannot exist on the other side, because the other side is no longer a mystery.

Most, if not all our fears can be traced to our fear of the unknown.

Once, I was given an exercise to write down all my fears about an impending situation in my life.

I did my best to write out every single fear in painful detail.

Four years later, I found that list of fears, and realized three things. First, all my fears had to do with not knowing what was on the other side.  Second, all those “fears” eventually came true.  Third, I no longer had to fear those things again.  I had pushed through.  I not only faced my fears but also created an entirely new reality of the “Known.”

Facing our fear means walking into the unknown, so we can finally realize that the ghost was just a shadow all along.

What fear are you afraid to face?  How can this fear be described in terms of the unknown?  What action can you take to make it to the other side of the unknown?


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