The danger of building bridges

bridges dangerous

There are many types of bridges in life. New, old, pretty, sturdy, weak, short and long.

Today I got stuck in traffic on a long bridge and felt it shaking beneath me.

I wondered how quickly I’d die if the bridge collapsed. I pictured how the airbag might activate. Then I imagined big pieces of steel and concrete from the collapsing bridge crushing my vehicle with me still inside. I pondered whether my body would be identifiable and how soon my family would find out.

Finally, traffic moved, and I made it to the other side of the bridge.

But after a few miles, I noticed another big bridge being constructed. A construction worker was hanging high building the bridge. It looked dangerous.

We’re often warned in our professional lives not to burn any bridges.
But some of us have no bridges to burn because we’ve never built a bridge in the first place.

Today I was reminded that as easy as it is to burn a bridge, it’s a thousand times harder to build that bridge.

Building bridges is not only dangerous, it takes planning, skill and lots of guts.

How carefully do you construct your bridges? Do you spend time designing well engineered solutions that pave the way for yourself and even others after you? Or is your career reminiscent of makeshift bridges and shaky crossings?

Be intentional about the bridges you build. Be appreciative of the bridges you’ve crossed that had nothing to do with your own skill or bravery. Enjoy the view while you’re crossing and consider the consequence of throwing a match over your shoulder.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Opal DeHart says:

    Enjoyed Anna – always good reading and thought – love you

    1. Anna says:

      Just seeing your comment. Thank you, Aunt Opal! I appreciate you reading. It means a lot. Hope you are doing well. love you, Anna

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