woman in gray strapless long dress standing under waterfalls

Photo by Matthew Leland on Pexels.com

Streaming light
piercing asunder
shaken foundations
heartfelt thunder
God lives
shadow of the storm
hand reaching out
love sun warm
dancing beneath
the peace of the fall
trickling pleasure
dew soaked all
riverbed treasure.


Call of Nature

daylight environment forest green

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

you’ll hear
an answer
turn your ear
what’s left
to learn.

I can’t explain
a bubbling brook
the feeling of love
this nature looks
beneath the surface
of what touch finds
where light shines
like spirit
through the clouds
eternal now.

Sometimes I feel
a deep pull within
you sense it too
mirror of love
God reflection you.
Quickly moves the stream
over what’s settled
it seems
but picks up debris
and carries away
broken memories
till all that’s left
is peace and quiet
this mountain
newborn fountains
take a rest
grandiose views
all is blessed.



flight landscape nature sky

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

You, my starlight
your love, the steam
to stay in the fight
you’ve a dream
a place of wonder
goes unseen
by natural eyes
darkness lies
you’re already
forever alive.

only listen
to eternal beats
when condemning demons
turn up the heat
you’ll survive
you’re the tree
ageless beauty
don’t you see?

I want to climb
up inside your wonder
sit on your branch
think.  and ponder.
sheltered here
above the noise
you’re the peace
the quiet
the poise.

This is only a season
the wind
needs no reason
to move
and shake you
by your limbs
but the difference
between you and them
is your roots
you sow
what you hope to reap.



black and white rainy portrait canon

Photo by Demeter Attila on Pexels.com

There are some things
I thought I’d never make it through
but I did
even when I was a kid
Catching fireflies underneath
holes left room to breathe
moments of flickering belief
fear was the real thief.

Tip toe through the hallways
corridors of your mind
don’t awake the sleeping giants
who prefer to keep you blind
keep staring out windows
touch the spring breeze
knock on doors of promise
and open them with ease.

Because love is a portal
through which mortals
take one step  at a time
to wash their sins away
till the dawn
the break of day
but don’t excuse the essence
the healing power of lessons
what your heart died to say.


Robots and Rivers

green grass field and mountain

Photo by Rido Alwarno on Pexels.com

They’re all like robots
you’re a stream
flowing so swiftly
into river of dreams
and this cool water
to the touch of my mind
reminds me it’s love I’ll find
endless loop of time.

You’re alive
with a soul
you’re awake
with a presence
and it’s priceless
the way you make me feel
like life is really

There’s nothing
I’d trade for the magic
now love’s not plastic
and I can hear things
see visions
they think it’s derision
but I’m here now
and this is how
we turn sorrow
into joy
and setbacks
into toys
come play with me
for eternity
this is life
the meaning
I’m now gleaning
and we’ll hold hands
to jump in together
through crazy weather
and depths unknown
two minds joined
never alone.



assorted color sequins

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Pexels.com

My words
may not mean much
because you need
a physical touch
from above
but if I could be there
I’d speak to you
whisper pleasure
to erase every pain
like love has no thing to lose
only to gain

The long road it’s taken
to get this far
is shorter than the distance
of the farthest shooting star
so we’ll keep wishing
hand in hand
to reach
colorful rainbow lands
the darkest forest dense
only makes sense
when numbers float
just above our conscious arrival
and equations
don’t equal survival
kaleidoscope of love.




on her toes
like she had nowhere to go
I thought
I’ll take her home forever
porcelain skin
bright red lips
perfect hips
I had dibs
on her heart

So I took her home
said you’ll never be alone
everything you see is yours
forget the dance floor
there’s so much more
you and I
we’ll tango

Where did you go
when did you know
that you loved someone else
that you never felt that way for me
was it our first kiss
or when he called you miss
and bought you a pair of pink shoes
the perfect fit
or was it when I took you home
tucked you away
so long
begged you
to never tip toe
around me.
you’re safe.  I see.  You’re angry.

This wasn’t our dance to share
you were the star of the show
how did he know
you dreamed of romance
your ballerina dance
under the stage lights
He’d watch you all night
until curtain call
was that all
you needed?

Why’d I take you home
Now I’m all alone
and your world’s the stage
I’ve nothing but age
too old for tango.