Why I Don’t Like American Idol

‘American idol’ is Googled approximately FIVE MILLION times per month globally.

I have this really pitiful love/hate relationship with talent shows.  For American Idol in particular, it just happens to be that I’ve more than slightly passed the age limit to audition.  Was I ever really seriously considering auditioning?  If you consider it serious that I spent one to three nights out of a lifetime trying to decide which song would be best for me to showcase my lackluster talent so that the judges could overlook my limited vocal range, lack of vocal agility and inability to put out a sexy vibe.

My plan was to make it to the next level on mere lack of personality alone.

No, as usual, I was expecting them to recognize something in me that I could not even see in myself–a spark, a seed of talent that they would harvest, so that I could finally become a star, an unassuming artist in the long awaited, yet well deserved spotlight.

The sad truth is that I’ve never been able to take my love for music beyond a personal hobby or part time job.  I dream of teaming up with other musicians who can help me to make my dream a reality.  I fantasize about singing my songs for an audience who seems to get what I’m singing.  I long for the day I’ll believe other people when they say I’m “really good,” even though I know I’ll never be the best.

I’m Anna, and I’m NOT an American Idol.


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