Some things never change

Some things never change Like the smell of chocolate And cedar A crisp fall day As wood is chopped Carried away. Some things never change Like stray cats Coming out to play Then crying in the heat of night Kittens born next day Befriended by a bowl of milk Abruptly sent away. Some things never…

Loves me. Loves me not.

It’s like I met myself Like I knew me for the first time Like I’d been there before Deja vu of sensing there’s more. That moment We admired the flowers Underneath dancing spring showers Every petal bequeathed our love The garden of rising above. Perfect formation Fully blossomed elation Turned toward forever Betting on loves…


                   Painting by Anzor Temirov Deep and wide Feelings abide Nothing close To this genius Bleeding Off the canvas Gentle notes Pandemic Swirling features Gestures collide Making ease of Color’s stride Frantic blending Brushes confide Love demystified.


Bridges to silence Worlds all alone Faces of ash Memories of stone Bridges to beauty O’r landscapes reflect Flowers and scenes We long to perfect Bridges to pain Journies prolonged Limping to graveside Steadied by song Bridges to you Arched over love Safely enveloped Peace like a dove